Level 5 – Your inside link

The five houses that form Urban Escape are tied together through an inspirational indoor environment on level 5. A breath of fresh air for the 6,000 people who will be working in the neighbourhood.

The tenants of Urban Escape will gain access to many benefits and additional values. Level 5 is one of them. An inspirational interior that links the buildings together, making it possible to move between the different areas of the neighbourhood without going outside.

Level 5 will be a 400-metre flow of services with most of what you need in your everyday life gathered in one place. This is also where you can meet with the people you want and need to see during the day.

A clear trend is that people work in completely different ways than before. Many do not have to be in the office all day. They have more responsibility but also greater freedom in their work situation. But the employer’s need to have access to their employees remains. The line between work time and leisure time is becoming blurred, and your office is not necessarily the same as your workplace. This changes our behaviours, which is something that Urban Escape captures.

The home is often referred to as the first place and work the second. The third place is a new intersection between work life and social life. Level 5 of Urban Escape is a way of realising that third place.

In terms of services, Level 5 offers food and drink almost 24/7. The conference and event department, the two hotels At Six and HOBO, as well as Gallerian, all have public spaces that converge indoors.

But above all, Level 5 provides generous surfaces for people. It is a place to meet, have a change of scenery, sit down, have informal meetings or withdraw for a while to focus and work undisturbed without having to shut oneself in an office.

Green areas, large winter gardens, lounges and quiet zones for focus and contemplation set the tone for this space.

Welcome to Level 5, which is expected to be completed in the winter of 2019.


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How to find Urban Escape

In the middle of the city centre, just next to Sergels torg, you find Stockholm’s newest neighbourhood. It couldn’t be more central.