7 September, 2018


Stockholm’s most vibrant downtown neighbourhood is welcoming yet another tenant: Microsoft.

In September 2019 Microsoft, one of the world’s most successful tech companies, moves into Urban Escape. The 3,000 square metres of new office premises house all of the company’s 600 employees.

Microsoft’s new office will be in the newly-built property by Regeringsgatan/Hamngatan in the heart of the city centre, close to an expanding range of restaurants, hotels, shops, cafés, bars and meeting places. Their neighbours will be well-known companies such as Kindred, EQT, Nordic Tech House, Wework and Netlight.

The idea behind Urban Escape is to create an urban space where people want to work, develop and socialise. And where tenants are also involved in creating a shared impact through partnerships and synergies within the neighbourhood.

“Urban Escape is an open, pulsating place where companies, visitors and Stockholm residents want to be. We’re really pleased that Microsoft is choosing to move here,” says Mats Hederos, CEO at AMF Fastigheter.

“We’ve had a very prosperous journey with our tenants during the course of the project, with incredibly strong, driven companies that want to participate and develop within the walls of the neighbourhood. The fact that we’re now adding Microsoft to the successful list of companies feels absolutely natural, and it’s with great pleasure that we welcome another international actor to Urban Escape,” says Niklas Haglund, Project Manager for Urban Escape.

“It feels incredibly good, after 28 years in the same office premises, that the time has come for Microsoft to move into a new work environment. We chose Urban Escape because it fits in with Microsoft’s vision of the intelligent workplace, where people, technology and the environment are in symbiosis. Down the years we’ve had more than 100,000 visitors to our ‘open tours’ of the office, and we hope that many will also want to visit our new office, where we aim to create the most attractive workplace in Sweden,” says Joacim Damgard, General Manager of Microsoft Sweden.

Photo: Niklas Haglund (Urban Escape), Joacim Damgard (Microsoft) and Mats Hederos (AMF Fastigheter)
Photos: Mats Högberg

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