The rooftop landscape of Urban Escape – Stockholm’s newest rooftop environment

Grey, unused roofs converted into a green oasis of culture, recreation, cafes and restaurants. Welcome to Stockholm’s newest rooftop environment!

In today’s urban life, we need to rethink our use of all the city’s surfaces. Giving life to empty rooftops is a way of opening up new spaces for meetings and idea exchange.

The rooftop landscape is situated on two of Urban Escape’s five roofs, which are interlinked through 2,500 m2 of mixed outdoor and indoor areas. Fourteen floors up and with a 360-degree view of the Royal Palace, Old Town and Söder. It is a place for both Stockholm residents and visitors to escape the high tempo of the city without actually leaving.

In the rooftop landscape, the visitor is met by rooftop restaurants with bars and outdoor terraces. The rooftops will also have spaces for well-being and recreation.

But the rooftop landscape is more than that, and it has already become a new destination in Stockholm. In the winter 2016, we hosted the Liljevalchs Spring Salon with art on two floors as well as outside on one of our terraces.

March 2017 saw the inauguration of Tak, Stockholm’s two-story restaurant in the Urban Escape neighbourhood and under the leadership of Frida Ronge.

In Augusti 2017 we opened up a beta version of the new rooftop environment next to Frida Ronge’s restaurant Tak. All to give a taste of what is to come in 2018 when the whole rooftop landscape is opened.  With Stockholm’s most astounding panoramic view, visitors got to experience our vision for the Stockholm of the future over 20 days and 20 different events. At Tjugodagar, the curious visitors from the city could experience everything from live gigs to international DJs, food and outdoor cinema against the backdrop of Mälaren’s inlet and the city’s rooftops.

 The rooftops open up spaces in the city centre that have previously been closed, while we offer new food, flavour and culture experiences along with the best view in town. The entire area is expected to be completed in 2018.


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