17 August, 2018

Welcome to the neighborhood, Nordic Tech House!

The entrepreneur and social media profile Isabella Löwengrip moves her companies from Stureplan to Urban Escape.

Urban Escape continues to attract exciting companies. The latest tenant is the Nordic Tech House startup factory with Isabella Löwengrip, which in the first quarter of 2019 moves with all of its companies including Löwengrip Beauty, Hermine Hold and Löwengrip Invest.

– The business we conduct is based largely on cooperation, the driving force of many, and the synergies of differences that complement each other. Then add trend sensitivity and digital skills and then you have made it possible for a future without limitations. We are living in constant change and have chosen to adapt to this constant. That’s why we’re moving to Urban Escape, and it feels incredibly good, says Isabella Löwengrip, CEO, Löwengrip Invest.

The agreement includes 900 square meters of flexible office and commercial areas, where the Löwengrip Group will be able to develop and experiment with new store concepts.

– This move gives us the opportunity to investigate, research and create the future trading venue. A place where online meets offline. At the same time, we choose to consider this place as a channel in itself, says Linus Kaasik, Co-Founder & Head of Investments at Nordic Tech House.

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